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Audiology Services

Specializing in hearing loss and tinnitus management

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Hearing Aids & Accessories

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Dru Geraghty, M.S.
Comprehensive hearing testing

by experienced hearing professionals

At Audiologic Services, our team of experienced audiologists and hearing instrument specialists provide hearing testing to those in and around Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Joliet and Mokena, Illinois. Our team is here to help you maintain an independent and healthy lifestyle through better hearing. Our comprehensive hearing evaluations include pure tone testing as well as speech recognition tests. This ensures we not only know how well you hear sounds, but how well you understand speech cues. If you are noticing changes in your hearing abilities, we invite you to schedule a hearing test with one of our friendly professionals.

Hearing Aids & Accessories

Fittings, Programming & Maintenance

Current hearing aid technology offers wearers a wide range of choices both in features and processing power. Depending on your lifetyle, budget and degree of hearing loss – our team can recommend the best device for your specific needs. The most advanced hearing aid will only be helpful if it is programmed and fit to meet your individualized needs. Our highly experienced audiologists and hearing instrument specialists expertly program your selected hearing aids to bring you the best listening experience possible. We offer hearing aids from all of the leading manufacturers, to provide each patient the hearing aid make and model that will truly serve them best.

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Jeanne Perkins Au.D.

Specializing in Tinnitus Management

for Relief from Ringing Ears

Those suffering from symptoms of tinnitus can find relief at our practice. We offer specialized tinnitus management to help people with ringing ears. Whether you just have tinnitus or a combination of hearing loss & ringing ears – we can help. There are an array of solutions to reduce the symptoms and irritation caused by persistent ringing/buzzing/clicking sounds in the ear. Don’t wait to schedule a consultation with our tinnitus expert Dr. Jeanne Perkins.

Melissa Slavelis - Cochlear Implant Specialist
John Hartman M.S., MBA - Owner of Audiologic Services
Jeanne Perkins Au.D. - Tinnitus Specialist
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Dru Geraghty, M.S.
Team of Audiologists

Our Team

If you’re seeking audiological care for yourself or a loved one, you have come to the right place. Our team of audiologists and hearing instrument specialists are experts in their field, providing patients with the best hearing healthcare in Glen Ellyn & Carol Stream. Click below to learn more about each of our providers.
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