We are proud to be able to provide additional solutions for our patients who cannot use traditional hearing aids. We have partnered with Dr. Andrew Fishman at Central Dupage Hospital to offer the following implantable hearing devices. These devices are often covered by insurance, even when traditional hearing aids are not.

A cochlear implant uses an electrode array implanted in the cochlea to stimulate the hearing nerve. An external sound processor picks up the sound and delivers it to the electrode array.


A cochlear implant is an option for a patient who no longer benefits from hearing aids. Making sounds louder with hearing aids isn’t always enough. For some patients, sounds are too distorted and speech isn’t clear even when made louder with hearing aid amplification. If a patient reports little to no benefit from hearing aids, we can perform an evaluation to check for cochlear implant candidacy. If a patient is a candidate for a cochlear implant, they will meet with the surgeon to be medically cleared and then undergo an outpatient procedure. One month post-surgery, when the surgical site has healed, the patient returns to our office to have the external sound processor activated.

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