We are proud to be able to provide additional solutions for our patients who cannot use traditional hearing aids. We have partnered with Dr. Andrew Fishman at Central Dupage Hospital to offer the following implantable hearing devices. These devices are often covered by insurance, even when traditional hearing aids are not.

Baha – a bone-anchored hearing device can be used for one of two reasons.

1) For patients who have a conductive hearing loss and cannot use a traditional hearing aid, a baha device can be implanted. For example, if a patient has no ear canal or external ear, or constant drainage and infection, a traditional hearing aid is not an option.


A baha device requires a quick out-patient procedure to implant a titanium abutment into the bone behind the ear. Once the abutment has integrated into the bone, an external sound processor is attached. The sound processor vibrates the bone and sends the sound directly to the cochlea, the organ for hearing. This system bypasses any abnormalities in the outer or middle ear.

2) For patients who have single-sided deafness, a baha device can be implanted on the side of the deaf ear. The device will vibrate the bone and send the sound to the opposite, normal-hearing ear. A patient will then be able to hear sounds from all around, but in the better-hearing ear.

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