Ear Wax

Cerumen (Ear Wax) Removal

Ear Wax Removal in Glen Ellyn & Carol Stream, IL

Usually, excess ear wax (cerumen) is removed from the ear canal naturally. If a buildup of wax does occur, the earwax will become hard and block the ear – making it more difficult to hear. Sometimes an issue with hearing is simply a situation of ear wax build up. When you visit our practice, we can inspect your ears for impacted ear wax and remove excess wax if necessary.

What to expect during ear wax removal

To begin, the hearing professional will look inside your ear using an instrument called an otoscope that has a light bulb on it. Once inserted, the otoscope will magnify the images of the inside of your ear so that your provider can see clearly what the ear wax buildup looks like. Once they’ve located the accumulation, they will begin the ear cleaning. This is done by using a syringe with water or water with saline solution that is pumped into your ear. The liquid will then soften the mass and help it slide out of your ear canal. 

Signs you need cerumen removal

Experts recommend having your ears professionally cleaned if you’re experiencing any pain, itching or hearing loss.

Causes of Ear Wax (Cerumen) Impaction

The most common cause of ear wax impactions is the use of Q-tips (and other objects such as bobby pins and rolled napkin corners), which can remove superficial wax but also pushes the rest of the wax deeper into the ear canal.
Hearing aid and earplug users are also more prone to earwax blockage.

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