We’d like to celebrate YOU for giving us the privilege of providing 35 magical years of hearing and balance health care to the community.

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We are celebrating 35 years of helping people hear better and empowering human connections!


As I reflect back on what seems to be just yesterday, I realize that time flies when you are having fun!

Fresh out of school, excited, energetic, and following my inner voice and that of my mentor’s, I set my goals high. Audiologic Services was established in 1982 within the walls of the Glen Ellyn Clinic to fill a void in services involving superior hearing health care.

For the next 12 years I developed and grew my practice, providing compassionate care to my patients and reconnecting them with the things that hearing loss takes away. In 1994, in the face of adversity and corporate change, I realized sometimes the worst situations turn out to be the best opportunities.

We moved to 386 Pennsylvania as a standalone practice. Believing in myself and knowing in my heart that I was doing the right thing by focusing on my patients instead of profits, we set out to be the superior hearing health care provider in the county. In 1995 we opened a second office in Bloomingdale, Illinois, working with Dr. Stuart Morgenstein, an ear, nose, and throat physician.

Together we developed the Neonatal Infant Screening Program at Central DuPage Hospital, provided services at the People Resource Center free clinic at the hospital, served on my academy boards, and grabbed every opportunity to speak to the public about healthy hearing and cognitive function, becoming an advocate for the hearing impaired. We searched for the best tools, attended conferences, participated in focus groups in Washington, D.C., to better deliver services, and attended leadership programs to better myself and serve others. We grew. Eventually we moved our Bloomindale office to Carol Stream (501Thornhill) and grabbed the opportunity to purchase and renovate our current location in Glen Ellyn (487 Pennsylvania).

Today we are privileged to service five amazing independent senior residences through concierge medicine. We have become a tinnitus center and have partnered with Northwestern Hospital and Dr. Andrew Fishman with their Cochlear Implant Program. We also advocate by serving on our state’s licensure boards.

Technology changes the world we live in. These last 35 years have been a journey, but hold on — it’s going to be a wild ride with what’s to come! Today we stream, connect, and process 100 times faster than we did 10 years ago with our hearing instruments, hearing apps, and Internet. Tomorrow we will be connecting to our physicians, regulating heart rate, respiration, and blood glucose levels through our instruments remotely. It will be mind-boggling and life changing, but we will never change the old fashioned way we care!

Audiologic Services will continue to grow and reinvent itself; we will continue to embrace new challenges and new technologies, but we will never forget who helped us along the way…and that is YOU, our patient.

You have given us your trust and your friendship. We have coached you, cried and laughed with you, hugged and cared during hard times, and celebrated life and joy at others. You have taught us about life and courage and have mentored us in business and in health. The lessons we learned from all of you have been the biggest gift and privilege we can experience. We are so blessed to have you in our life, and for that we say THANK YOU!


Come celebrate with us!